Meadow's F/O list!

Welcome to my F/O list!

Like some other people, I am a self-shipper. This means I ship myself with characters.

I do this mostly because I have strong attractions to fictional characters and this is my way of dealing with it!

I put up my list here so people can know my F/O's (fictional others) better.

As for sharing stance, I am mostly uncomfy but not for the usual reasons

It's mostly because I do not want to make others uncomfortable.

Anyway here is the list, categorized in different ways, and sorted alphabetically!

The F/O list

Romantic F/O's

These are characters I have a romantic attraction to!

Familial F/O's

These are F/O's I feel more connected to as a family. I will show what kind of family member each character is to me

Platonic F/O's

These are F/O's I feel a platonic connection to, like a friend!